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NH firm has a firsthand view of supply chain woes
Its president and CEO, Robert O’Connor, said in a recent interview that a “perfect storm” of circumstances — from overburdened ports to lack of workforce in Asian factories — threaten delivery of even the most basic goods such as food items.
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Health insurance metamorphosis
The latter is still true, but the kind of coverage provided is changing, especially among smaller employers, and those changes have accelerated in New Hampshire.
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NH SBDC survey: Small businesses gaining confidence, but still leery
Financial situations are improving for many New Hampshire small business owners, and they’re becoming more optimistic but not overwhelmingly confident,...
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Stonyfield to use 100% renewable energy in Londonderry by end of ‘22
Brendan Bell, chief operating officer of Aligned Climate Capital, which owns the Stonyfield-backed solar projects, says it’s harder for companies in New Hampshire to use solar power than in neighboring states..
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Millyard Bank plans a second location in Hollis
G. Frank Teas, president of the bank, said it “is a very exciting time” for the bank. “The addition of a second location in Hollis allows us to provide convenient,...
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Denron, J. Lawrence Hall join forces in major merger
Manchester-based Denron Plumbing & HVAC LLC, which has been serving commercial and industrial plumbing and HVAC clients throughout New England since 1974,...
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Report says loans could alleviate New Hampshire’s slaughterhouse shortage
When it comes to red meat, there are only four USDA-inspected slaughterhouses in New Hampshire, which means that farmers are having to book a slaughter date anywhere from 18 to 24 months ahead of time,...
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NORTH CONWAY: The Mt. Washington Valley landmark Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, a 150-room hotel property,...
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Mexican government sues Ruger for damages caused by trafficked firearms
Sturm Ruger & Co. knowingly allowed thousands of guns to be smuggled into Mexico — many used by drug cartels — resulting in the deaths of thousands of citizens,...
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Landlords, tenants have a new way to resolve housing disputes
Tenants and landlords can now request to use a free mediation process, where a neutral third party can help come up with a solution to their underlying disagreements before an eviction case is filed.
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Of those traveling for the holidays, 66 percent are planning to stay with family and friends, while 23 percent plan to stay in a hotel,.
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Year-to-date revenue increased nearly 48 percent to $403.4 million, and the company expects that the full year will be in the $570 million to $580 million range,...
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1. Associates from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire recently sorted and boxed 5,200 pounds of donated frozen meats and food at the New Hampshire Food Bank as part of the company’s annual season of service,...
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Outrageous ROI expectations
And, no, we’re not singling anybody out in particular. We’re not upset about it. We’re just trying to reset some sights here.
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Art as a downtown magnet
While there is a trend in many towns and cities to embrace the value of the arts to create vibrant communities,...
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Working smarter, not longer
Before jumping into the column topic, I want to acknowledge that this is my 25th “Growing Leadership” column in NH Business Review, going back to the first published on July 20, 2018.
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UNH Manchester forum looks at threats facing a free press
The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire hosted its Fall Forum Fundraiser at UNH Manchester on Nov. 2, a day recognized by the United Nations as an International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists.
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‘A tremendous need to reconnect to each other’
‘In public health we tend to use a lot of data, but storytelling augments that data in that it provides the human perspective,’ says Sarah McPhee,...
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How federal funds will bolster NH infrastructure
On Nov. 9, following approval by the House but before the President signed the bill, members of the state’s all-Democrat congressional delegation gathered in Manchester at the red-listed Amoskeag Bridge to hail passage of the measure,...
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A smart man’s decision
Watching Gov. Chris Sununu’s Nov. 9 news conference, at which he announced he wouldn’t run for the U.S. Senate and would instead seek a fourth gubernatorial term,...
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PUC rejects energy-efficiency plan
Following a 10-month delay on a plan designed to go into effect at the start of the year, the Public Utilities Commission has denied what would have been New Hampshire’s most ambitious triennial energy-efficiency plan to date.
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Outdoor industry ‘significant driver’ of NH economy
The pandemic clobbered certain parts of the outdoor recreation industry in 2020, cutting its employment in New Hampshire by one-fifth, but even so,...
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Supply chain shortages hit alcoholic beverages
“New Hampshire is more fortunate than other states because of the Liquor Commission’s ordering practices,...
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Recognizing diversity acknowledges our humanity
At Deo Mwano Consultancy, we define diversity as the individual characteristics that make us unique, including a person’s lived experience.
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Unlocking pay equity, leadership roles for women
Nationwide, women lost more than 12 million jobs during the pandemic’s recession, triggering what many have dubbed a “she-cession” because of the disproportionate employment losses by gender.
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It’s never too late to do the right thing
Americans are a generous people. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, we gave over $300 billion to charity as individuals in 2020. That’s nearly 2 percent of our nation’s GDP.
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Get the shot. Help New Hampshire get back on track
As we move into a second pandemic winter, this time we are tackling the more highly infectious and fast-spreading delta variant,...
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What does it mean when it’s a seller’s market?
The past year has been unusual for many reasons, including that we have been experiencing an extraordinarily robust market for acquisitions and sales of privately held companies.
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Pace of M&A deals expected to continue in 2022
“The path to recovery is increasingly clear and people are looking beyond Covid,” Birger Berendes who co-heads M&A at Bank of America, told Reuters.
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Primary Bank named No. 1 SBA lender for 4th consecutive year
“Primary Bank was approved to participate in SBA lending the summer of 2015, and since that time they have been an excellent partner.
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BANKS with SBA Loan Guarantee Agreements *
Resurgens Plaza 945 East Paces Ferry Rd., Suite 1600 Atlanta, GA 30326 855-693-7422
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Domestic violence’s impact
Employee well-being and mental health awareness in the workplace are becoming important topics for many employers, and related programs and policies are becoming popular, in large part due to the pandemic.
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The need for ‘active bystanders’
It is an unfortunate fact that acts of harassment and discrimination occur in workplaces every day. Sometimes the acts are extreme,...
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The duty to disclose in the patent process
Arguably, one of the most important rules underlying the patenting process is the duty of candor and good faith in dealing with the U.S. Patent Office,...
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For over 10 years, Sam Evans-Brown was a journalist and familiar voice on New Hampshire Public Radio, covering the state’s environment and energy economy and eventually creating and hosting the popular podcast,...
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JSA Design, an architecture, planning and interior design firm in Portsmouth, has added three new staff members: Daniel Lamb, Luke Perczak.
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Capitol Center for the Arts names Prizio executive director
The Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord has named Salvatore Prizio as its new executive director following a national search process.
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For some perspective on New Hampshire, per AG John Formella and Guv Sununu, joining 10 other states in their suit against the federal government over the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for large employers,...
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