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Stonyfield Organics has announced it will use 100 percent renewable electricity in its Londonderry manufacturing facility by the end of 2022. The facility employs about 400 people.

The company committed in June to going 100 percent renewable in the facility by 2025, but says it will meet its goal three years early.

In its effort to achieve the 100 percent goal, Stonyfield is supporting the construction of four new solar projects in New Hampshire, from which it will buy power.

The company is also supporting construction of three solar projects in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and will buy renewable energy credits from those projects to meet its goal.

Brendan Bell, chief operating officer of Aligned Climate Capital, which owns the Stonyfield-backed solar projects, says it’s harder for companies in New Hampshire to use solar power than in neighboring states.

Stonyfield is also working to use 100 percent renewable energy in its dairy supply chain by 2025, and have a carbon-positive supply chain by 2030, the company said.

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